Your British pen-friend has just returned from a week’s trip to the Lake Distric

Your British pen-friend has just returned from a week's trip to the Lake District and writes to share his
impressions with you. Write to your pen-friend about the place you would like to visit. Dwell on:
• where this place is
• h o w you can get there
• w h y you want to visit it
• which souvenirs you would like to buy.
Write a letter of at least 100 words.
D o not write any dates and addresses

  • Hello my pen - friend!
    I would like visit Louvre. This plase is in France in Paris. I can get there on plain. I want visi it because I want visit the picture "Madonna". Leonardo Da Vinchi wrote this picture. In the gift shop I want to buy figurines to the great singers.
    Good bye,
    See you soon,

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