Срочно !!! Придумайте ЛАСКА СМІШНИЙ діалог продавця і покупця в продуктів

Срочно !!! Придумайте ЛАСКА СМІШНИЙ діалог продавця і покупця в продуктовому магазині на англійському! !!! ! БУДЬ ЛАСКА !!!! Зарание величезне СПАСИБІ!

  • The Buyer: Hello!
    The Seller: Good evening! How can I help you?
    The Buyer: Yes, I think you might help me. I bought this disk in your shop. Unfortunately it turned out to be defective.
    The Seller: Well, let me think. I need to check it myself and I believe you have the sales check?
    The Buyer: Sorry, but I have thrown it away. Is it necessary?
    The Seller: I am really sorry, but I can do nothing without the sales check for this disk.
    The Buyer: Well, then I will have to complain to your chief executive officer. Please ask for him.
    The Seller: He is now on the business meeting and can not come. But I will consult with our guarantee department manager. Maybe we can solve this problem with him.
    The Buyer: Thank you for your help. I will wait.
    In five minutes ....
    The Seller: Thank you for waiting. I have good news for you. We can return you your money, as the inspection of the disc shown it was really defective.
    Moreover, the code at the disc allowed us to confirm that it was bought in our store. We are sorry for this.
    I can offer you a new disk or return your money back. What would you prefer?
    The Buyer: Thank you! I will take a new disc.
    The Seller: Here it is. Come to us again. Good-Buy!
    The Buyer: Thank you! Good-Buy!

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