Написати коротко про качкодзьоба англійською мовою 3 клас

Написати коротко про качкодзьоба англійською мовою 3 клас

  • Platypus (lat. Ornithorhynchus anatinus) - aquatic mammals monotremes living in Australia. It is the only contemporary representative of the family utkonosovka (Ornithorhynchidae); together with echidnas forms the monotremes (Monotremata) - animals, on a number of grounds close to the reptiles. This unique animal is one of the symbols of Australia; it is depicted on the reverse of the Australian coins of 20 cents.Body length platypus 30-40 cm, tail - 10-15 cm, and weighs up to 2 kg Males about a third larger than females. Body with platypus stocky, short-legged; flattened tail similar to tail beaver, but covered with hair, which markedly with age thins out. At the tail of the platypus, as the Tasmanian devil, deposited fat reserves. The fur of his thick, soft, usually dark brown on the back and reddish or gray on the bottom. The head is round. Ahead of the facial region stretches in a flat beak length about 65 mm, width 50 mm, the Bill is not as tough as in birds, and soft, covered elastic bare skin, which stretched into two thin, long, curved bone.
  • Platypus is an interesting animal. Platypus gray or brown. platypus eats algae. Uteonos very good swimmer dives. Utkanos lives in Australia. Я намагалася зробити на рівні 3 класу

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