Прочитайте наведений нижче текст. Перетворіть слова, надруковані великими б

Прочитайте наведений нижче текст. Перетворіть слова, надруковані великими літерами в дужках так, щоб вони граматично і лексично відповідали змісту тексту. Заповніть пропуски отриманими словами. Кожен пропуск відповідає окремим завданням групи B11-B16.
What is homework? Should it always be done in writing, or can it be oral? Is it (NECESSARY)
connected with the information and tasks from the text books?

Homework refers to any work or (ACTIVE)
that students are asked to do outside the classroom, either on their own or with other students or parents.

Sometimes it is based on comparatively simple drill exercises, sometimes it involves (HIGH)
challenging tasks, project or research work aimed at integrating skills and knowledge from different subject areas.

Research indicates that schools in which homework is (ROUTINE)
assigned and systemically assessed tend to have higher achieving students, as learning is not confined to the schoolroom environment.

Homework appropriately designed and well balanced is able to enhance self-discipline and good study habits; to develop students '(DEPENDE)
and initiative.

It can also provide an opportunity to revise or complete classroom work, thus reinforcing what has been taught, to provide regular feedback on the students 'progress in learning and raise
skills and standards. Parents who are concerned with their kids 'homework get an opportunity to become engaged in the education of their children.

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